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Personal Trainer Myths DeBunked

Personal trainer myths debunked are my topic for today. As a personal trainer, I must admit there is some truth to most of the myths. However, not all personal trainers have been victims of the myths. Here are three myths that will help you understand that personal training is a real career and deserves respect. […]

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Semi-Private Personal Training Benefits

Semi-private personal training benefits are vast and awesome! Semi-private personal training is the future for personal training. In this blog, I will cover three awesome benefits of semi-private personal training. Synergy I remember doing a lot of group projects in college. I learned in those groups because my group members pushed me to study. They […]

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7 Questions To Ask a Palisades Personal Trainer

In today’s blog, we are talking about 7 questions to ask a Palisades (or your respective city) personal trainer before becoming a client. You obviously want the best results possible from the personal trainer you choose, so it’s critical that you interview them with certain questions. As a result, please find those seven questions listed below: […]

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