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How to Deal With Injuries

How to Deal With Injuries Injuries can certainly be setbacks. We have the most highly qualified coaches here at Move Well Fitness to prevent that or even correct an injury, but sometimes things happen outside of the gym that land you in pain. There are certain cases of injury so significant that movement is inadvisable, […]

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Exercise After Joint Injury: Three Solutions

Exercise after joint injury can depend upon several things.  Here are a few: How bad was your injury? Where did your injury take place? Did you correctly follow your rehab program? Despite all of the above, there is a three-step plan that you can follow. This plan will allow you to exercise after joint injury […]

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Palisades Personal Trainer Offers Advice on Low Back Pain

According to studies, low back pain affects nearly 80% of all adults. Most low back injuries come: Wearing high heels (women). Performing manual labor. People who sit for long periods of time (greater than 3 hrs.). There are some simple steps one can take to make sure that they avoid current and future back pain […]

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