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Morning or Evening Exercise?

Morning or evening exercise, which is better? I am sure you have heard this question before. While some say it really does make a difference, there is no “hard & fast” research to back it up. However, there are great benefits with both. Let us look at a few benefits for morning or evening exercise. […]

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Best Way to Lose Weight in the Palisades

The best way to lose weight in the Palisades is by making changes to your lifestyle. Some people take extreme measures to lose weight like not eating for days or exercising for three hours everyday. You may lose weight from them, but, they are not sustainable nor healthy. There are two healthier ways to properly […]

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Fitness Tips Palisades Personal Trainer

Fitness tips from a personal trainer are a dime a dozen. We are truly the best people to consult for fitness tips. Here are our three fitness tips from a Palisdes personal trainer. Warm-Up Fitness tip #1 is the warm up, the most under appreciated part of the workout. Most people think that it is […]

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7 Questions To Ask a Palisades Personal Trainer

In today’s blog, we are talking about 7 questions to ask a Palisades (or your respective city) personal trainer before becoming a client. You obviously want the best results possible from the personal trainer you choose, so it’s critical that you interview them with certain questions. As a result, please find those seven questions listed below: […]

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Diet and Fitness Mistakes Made in the Palisades

Most people in the Palisades put a heightened focus on diet and fitness. I highly commend them for striving to be healthier because this is something our bodies want. However,  if the wrong steps are taken by exercisers in Bethesda, they could end up making mistakes in their diet and fitness.  Below, are the three […]

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