What Is Your Risk Versus Reward?

What is your risk versus reward? Playing it safe gets you nowhere but average. And average is mediocre at best. One can not stay on first base expecting third base results. In my life, I’ve taken multiple substantial risks in terms of business, investments, relationships… I’ve lost badly a few times. Well, in honesty, more […]

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Five Gardening Stretches For Fitness

Five gardening stretches for fitness is our topic of the day! Gardening is a great form of recreational exercise and can very rewarding mentally, physically and stomachally (lol)! Oftentimes, we take gardening for granted in that we do not think we can get hurt. However, I am sure we know someone who has hurt his […]

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Foam Rolling: The What, Why and How

Foam Rolling has become very popular. It has become popular because we are not as active as we once were. Our lifestyles today do not require as much movement as it once did. A perfect example of this is the grocery store Giant, Peapod delivery service! Not moving our bodies wrecks them! For those that […]

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