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How to Deal With Injuries

How to Deal With Injuries Injuries can certainly be setbacks. We have the most highly qualified coaches here at Move Well Fitness to prevent that or even correct an injury, but sometimes things happen outside of the gym that land you in pain. There are certain cases of injury so significant that movement is inadvisable, […]

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Women and Knee Pain: Exercise is Key

Introduction Women and knee pain is unfortunately, very common.  Women and knee pain is a big one in our society that ranks up there with men and ankle injuries. Whether it is from playing sports, being overweight or some type of acute injury (like a car accident), a lot of women suffer from knee pain. […]

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Skipping Jumping Rope For Exercise

Skipping jumping rope is what we did as kids for fun.  However, they are still great for us as adults to do today. Here are three reasons why they are still not only effective and great exercises, but also fun! Interval Training Skipping jumping rope in Bethesda fits into interval training. Because skipping jumping rope […]

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