Five Favorite Exercises for the Body You Want


Five favorite exercises for the body you want.

Here at Move Well Fitness, we know everyone not only wants to function and perform their best, but most people are seeking to lose some body fat, gain strength, and live in a lean body they are proud of.

That’s why today I’m sharing my five favorite exercises for the body you want to achieve just that! If you aren’t currently incorporating these into your routine, I highly recommend you chat with us to learn the proper technique to get awesome results!

1. Deadlift: This exercise literally strengthens every muscle in your body and is a great measure of overall strength. When performed properly, the deadlift strengthens the core muscles in a functional way. This means that the strength you build from deadlifting will not only transition into other exercises but it can also help alleviate issues like back pain.

2. Push-Up: There is truly nothing better than full body strength, and flexibility all in one. Doing push-ups is a great way to develop incredible core strength and muscle mass, which means less pain and more calories burned at rest.

3. Pull-ups–These require every ounce of upper body and core strength you have when done strict. They will reshape your arms, shoulders, lats and just make you feel powerful!

4. Squat–A proper squat requires the entire body’s strength, skills, technique, and control. Building those large muscle groups in the lower body will not only give you the look you want, but they will also help to increase your metabolic efficiency 24/7.

5. Plank – They’re hated for a reason! Planks are extremely taxing on the entire body – from every muscle to seriously increasing your heart rate. Planks also require strength, cardio, and flexibility. Plus, it doesn’t take very many to make you feel like you’re getting a serious workout, especially with a slow tempo!

So, which of these five favorite exercises for the body you want do you do regularly? Which one would you like to learn to do? I’d also love to hear what your favorite exercise is!

We are currently looking for 7 people who are ready to commit to getting stronger and leaner forever.  If you are ready to step into action to achieve your greatness, let us know. Either hit reply or fill in the form below. We’ll get back with you right away!


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