Five Morning Stretches You Need


Five morning stretches is your topic for today. We live in a stressed and perplexed world today don’t we? We go to bed wired and we wake up wired too, lol! Well, with the New Year approaching, it’s time you started changing this routine.


Don’t you want to feel like a rockstar in the morning? I know I do! However, if you are like most people in the morning, you feel terrible when you wake up.

You hit the snooze button and dose back to sleep. Well, this is not a formula for success right?  Just what is a formula for success in the morning? I’m so glad that you asked!

Stretching is a great way to get those morning juices flowing and give you great energy for the rest of your day! Here are my five morning stretches that I recommend for you. In addition, make sure you click on each one to view the video of how to do the stretch.

The Five Morning Stretches You Need:

  1. Side of your neck: This stretch will leave your neck feeling great!
  2. Gentle Spine: One of the best stretches for your spine ever.
  3. Side Bend: You are going to feel this one in places you’ve never felt before!
  4. Pigeon: One of the best stretches for your hips and butt.
  5. Back of Leg: This part of your body could use some strength and stretching.

As a result, I recommend your do these stretches every morning, for one set, with a hold of 30-60 seconds.


Make sure you move slowly through the stretches and do not bounce when doing them.

You may want to do these same stretches again at night to help you sleep better, but, it really depends on where you feel the most stress at night. As a result, if you feel stress in your back, then do the gentle spine. If you fatigue in your legs, then do the pigeon or back of leg stretch.

Most of all, keep in mind that these stretches are general recommendations.

In the meanwhile, If you would like your own detailed five morning stretches routine, then please set up a consultation with us!

In conclusion, enjoy these stretches and let us know if how they felt!

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