Exercise After Joint Injury: Three Solutions


Exercise after joint injury can depend upon several things.  Here are a few:

  1. How bad was your injury?
  2. Where did your injury take place?
  3. Did you correctly follow your rehab program?

Despite all of the above, there is a three-step plan that you can follow. This plan will allow you to exercise after joint injury with no issues. I hope this excites you as much as does it me!

Here are the three steps that will allow you to exercise after joint injury:

  1. Prevention.
  2. Get Limber.
  3. Wake-up the Baby.



The first step in exercise after joint injury is prevention. Prevention simply means finding out what muscles on your body need to relax. Sometimes, when an injury occurs, certain muscles will go into overtime to protect our body from further injury.

As a result of overtime work, those muscles end up working too much. At this point, we simply want to calm the muscles. One of the easiest ways to calm the muscles down is through self-massage. Self-massage is also known as trigger point release.

Find out the overworked area on your body and then use something like a foam roller to calm the muscle. The protocol you want to use is:

  1. Find the tender area,
  2. Apply pressure for 30 seconds to two minutes
  3. Repeat one to two times.

After injury, a muscle gets back to working best when it is stretched.


Get Limber

The second step in exercise after joint injury is to get limber. Getting limber means stretching. The muscle can recover faster and stronger by stretching a muscle after it has been injured according to certain research.

The muscles that we will stretch, are the same muscles that we relaxed earlier. The protocol ends up being the same as the one we did in prevention.

Now that the muscles have been relaxed and stretched, it is now time to turn back on the muscles that feel asleep.


Wake Up Baby

As we stated earlier, when an injury occurs, weird things can happen to our muscles. Not only can certain muscles work overtime, but some of them can also go to sleep like a baby!

At this point, we want to wake them up so that they can start working again with the muscles we relaxed.

Most likely, the kind of exercises you will do involve your core.  Muscles like your rectus abdominus, , erector spinae and internal obliques are part of your core.  For example, exercises like planks, birddogs, bridges and single leg balance are all good for the muscles that need to wake up.


In conclusion, yes, you can exercise after injury. How and what you do depends on the type of injury you had. However, if you follow this protocol, you will be just fine with getting your body back to exercise again! If you would like a specific exercise program for you post injury, please contact us today!


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