July Fourth Fitness Tips


July Fourth fitness tips is our topic for discussion!

The Fourth of July is our country’s annual holiday where we celebrate our independence. It is also a day where food and fitness has become the norm.

To make sure that our food and fitness is the best it can be, we will highlight a few July Fourth fitness tips for you! These July Fourth fitness tips are designed so we can have the healthiest holiday celebration that we can.


Wake Up & Get Moving

The Fourth of July is on a Monday this year. I suggest you wake up early and head out for a brisk walk. If you are married, take your spouse with you.

If you have a dog and normally walk him or her in the morning, extend your walk another 15 minutes if your dog is up to it!

Walking is one of the safest and most beneficial forms of exercise you can dol!  By starting your day off with walking, you will also make sure you get a jumpstart on your 10,000 steps/day too!


Eat a Light Breakfast

If you are like me, then you like some good barbecue and the “fixings” that come along with it on this day! So, I suggest you eat a light, healthy breakfast to counteract all the “damage” that you are going to do later, lol!

 Here are some sample light breakfasts:

  •  Granola with Greek yogurt
  •  Scrambled Eggs and Banana
  •  Fruit Smoothie with Protein Powder (I highly recommend Shakeology)


Drink Up…

Our third of the five July Fourth fitness tips is drink water! I hope you did not think I was talking about wine or other forms of alcohol. No way!

We all know how hot it typically is on the Fourth of July, so, to avoid dehydration and heat cramps, drink up!

I always recommend that everyone should drink at least half their body in ounces with water. Make sure you add a little lemon & lime to your water to make it better!


Salads Rock

Before you dig into the barbecue and “fixings”, eat a colorful salad. I recommend you do this for two reasons:

1. You probably won’t be eating too many vegetables once you take that first bite of barbecue!

2. It could help to prevent you from overeating.

Here are a few great Fourth of July salads to try out for good measure!


It’s 2 or 3 pm, Get Moving Again!

By this time of the day, you’ve had a plate and a half of the barbecue and “fixings”. So, my final tip of the July Fourth Fitness Tips is to get moving again.

Do you have access to a pool? Then, go for a swim for 20 minutes.  If you have access to a bike, jump on it for 15-20 minutes and take someone with you if you can.

If you don’t have access to a pool or bike, how about a game of hide and seek or some sprint races that you played as a kid.

You get my point, just MOVE!

I recommend you MOVE to burn off some of the calories from the food you ate and to keep you from feeling like you need to take a nap, lol!


The Fourth of July is the day set aside for all of us to remember the sacrifice that was made for our great country to come into existence. While we reflect on that with family and friends, let’s make sure we stay healthy with these Fourth of July Fitness Tips!

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