Food Cravings: Three Ways to Manage Them


Food cravings are very real, trust me, I know!

Yes, I too, deal with them. Did someone just say peanut butter cookies and cream soda?? Seriously, food cravings are natural. If we can embrace that, then, we’ve won half the battle.

Winning the rest of the battle requires preparation, determination and will.

Let’s talk about some practical ways to deal with food cravings that you can put into practice immediately!


What You See, You Will Eat

One of the most practical ways to manage food cravings is to not have certain foods around you. So, this could mean that you do not buy that 12 pack of Coke or those bags of Doritos. If you do not see it, you will not eat it right? This is certainly one way to deal with food cravings.

Instead of the Coke, perhaps you will have seltzer water and instead of the Doritos you will have a handful of Beanfield’s Nacho chips.

I know, they are still chips, but, at least they are made of rice and beans. C’mon, we must be realistic here sometimes right!


How Much Water Have I Drank Today?

Sometimes, food cravings could be a result of dehydration.

Yes, a lack of water floating around in our bodies can impair glycogen release and production.

So, the next foods craving you have, do the following: fill your bpa free water with filtered water and sip on it for 10 minutes. Wait another ten minutes and check back in with your body to see if that craving still exists.


Change Your Routine

Sometimes food cravings are a result of routines that we developed. You know what I mean right?

It is a Friday and you always drive past Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home from work. You mine as well stop by there (the light is on after all) and pick up a dozen for the weekend!

Is this your routine? If so, I suggest you take a different route home on Fridays.

If you cannot take a different route, then have some healthy snacks in the car with you on the way home. I suggest snacks such as: cut up fruits and veggies, kale chips and perhaps beef jerky.


In conclusion, food cravings are real! As a result, we must embrace them for what they are and expect them as that is winning half the battle.

The other half of the battle is being prepared for them. If you do not buy it, drink more water and change your routine, you can better manage food cravings!

If you need more help with managing your food cravings, please contact us today!

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