Snow Shoveling Benefits


Snow Shoveling Benefits

Snow shoveling season is here. It is that time of year where we break out those shovels in preparation for what we just experienced this past weekend in the DC Metro area (or the majority of the East Coast). While I know snow shoveling is not high on the priority list of fun things to do, it can be very helpful for your body. 

Just think about all the great exercise you can get from it. Have you considered how you can use this time as family bonding too?  How about enjoying nature in general?

In today’s blog, let us consider these three important snow-shoveling benefits in Bethesda. Also, these three benefits will help you in everyday life too!


Snow Shoveling is Great Exercise

The first of our three snow shoveling benefits is exercise.  I am sure you are not surprised by this one. If you have ever done any type of snow shoveling before, then you know what I am talking about.  Because of the nature of the repetitive movement, the impact of the snow and how long it generally takes, snow shoveling is definitely great exercise!

The exercise is core, strength and cardio training all wrapped up in three.  So, you get three for one! If done properly, shoveling snow can help work your obliques, legs and back muscles to name a few.

Cardio comes into play because of the repetitive movement and time it takes to finish shoveling the snow. In my opinion, snow shoveling can give you a greater cardio workout and burn more calories than the elliptical. If you do not believe me, next time you shovel, wear a heart rate monitor and see how many calories you burn.


Snow Shoveling is Great Family Time

The second of our three snow shoveling benefits is family bonding time. Since we do not have as much as bonding time as we use to, families can use a team effort of snow shoveling in Bethesda to do so. I suggest picking a few topics to discuss that will allow everyone to participate and enjoy each other’s company like:

  1. What do you enjoy most about our family?
  2. What do you like most about our family spending time together?
  3. Is there one goal are you working on right now?

The list of questions can go on and one, but, the point is to engage in conversation that will help your family grow closer.


Snow Shoveling is Great to Enjoy Nature

The final of our three snow shoveling benefits is enjoying nature. How often do we take the time to really enjoy this great Earth? Shoveling snow in Bethesda can allow you to become “one” with nature.

The next time you shovel snow, do the following:

  1.  Look around and notice the sky, the trees and maybe animals such as squirrels or rabbits.
  2.  Inhale and exhale and taken the Earth’s air.
  3.  Take a break from shoveling and do a brief walk to rest and be one with nature.

These things will give you a greater appreciation for the Earth we live on.


Snow shoveling benefits are there for our taking. If you treat snow shoveling in Bethesda as exercise, family bonding time and enjoying nature, it will be more enjoyable and the time will past away faster than you read this blog (well, not really)! Remember, we are here to help you, so, schedule a free consultation with us today!

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