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Discovering your why is our blog topic for this week. With a new year on the horizon, I could not think of a better time to talk about your why! It is a time for us to reflect on the year that has passed and get excited (I hope) for a new year to come. Discovering your why is important in helping you decide which resolutions (goals) you will make. Let us talk about how to discover your why so you can make smart goals!


It is All About Value

Step #1 in discovering your why is finding out what you value. The definition of value is something that we consider to be important or beneficial. What is important to you? If you do not know, then take some time right now to jot down a few things and make them specific to your fitness and health.

Is it valuable for you to look a certain way or perhaps be able to fit into certain clothes? Is it beneficial for you to have energy the entire day or run a mile without stopping? If this is so, then you are on the right path to discovering your why! So, take some more time over the next 48 hrs. to write down everything that you value for your health and fitness.

Why Do You Value?

Now that we know what you value, step #2 in discovering your why is to ask yourself why do you value what you value? Yep, this is going to require you to think deep, lol! For example if your goal is to fit into a certain pair of jeans by March, ask yourself why do I value that?

You see, values guide who you want to be or tell you what really matters to you.  So, why is it so important to fit into those jeans? There has to be something deeper than “I really like those jeans!”


The Five Whys

Here are my suggestions in helping you discover your why. For every value you have written down, I want you to ask “why” five times. For example:

Your value: I want to lose fat.

(Now ask “why” 5 times:)

1. Why do I want to lose fat?

Because I want to fit back into my old jeans.

2. Why do I want to fit back into my old jeans?

Because I liked the way I looked in those jeans.

3. Why do I want to look better?

Because when I look good, I feel good about myself.

4. Why do I want to feel good about myself?

Because when I feel good about myself I feel more confident.

5. Why do I want to feel more confident?

Because I’m tired of being self-conscious and not feeling like my full self, both by myself and around other people.

By asking yourself the five “whys”, you now know your true value and why. You do not want to be self-conscious nor not feel your full self anymore. Pretty powerful stuff right??



In conclusion, can you see how powerful this is in discovering your why? We took your value and helped you discover the true meaning of your why. I hope this has given you a great start to your 2016 “whys”. If you would like help in discovering your why, please contact me today!

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