Holiday Fitness Survival Guide


Holiday fitness survival guide is our topic of discussion for today. This time of year has different challenges that compete with our motivation to exercise. The change of the season with it being darker longer is a challenge to our exercise time. The holiday shopping we do is a challenge to our exercise time. Also, holiday parties and spending more time with our families is another challenge to our exercise time. However, we can not let those challenges stop us from exercising. Here is your holiday fitness survival guide for staying fit during the holiday season.

Workout Less


Holiday fitness survival guide tip #1 is workout less. Yes, I did say workout less. One of the best parts about the holiday season is time we get to spend with loved ones. We should take advantage of this as we just do not value family time as much as we use to. So, instead of exercising fives days/week, how about we cut it down to three days/week and work just a little bit harder on those three days?

Your body might lose a little bit of what you have gained, but, you will be able to get it right back come January! If you just cannot cut down your days of exercise, ask a family member to join you in your workout. You can spend quality time with them while still working holiday fitness survival guide tip #1!

Eat Less


Holiday fitness survival guide tip #2 is eat less. I know, I know, it is hard to eat less during the holidays because of the comfort food and parties. However, you can do it and here is how.

If you are attending a holiday party, drink 8-16 ounces of water right before you go. This will give you a full feeling and you will more than likely, eat less. Also, eat a light snack before the holiday party such as an apple and almond butter or celery and humus. Once again, you will be less likely to eat a lot at the holiday party or your family dinners. I personally drink Shakeology and I highly recommend it as a healthy snack or meal replacement.

Lastly, eat only 80% of your lunch and dinner and save the rest for another time. By combining working out less with eating less, you can at least maintain what you achieved going into 2016.

Practice Relaxation


Holiday fitness survival guide tip #3 is to relax. Yep, I said relax. I know you are saying “how can I relax when I have to buy gifts, go to my holiday parties and travel to visit my family”. Do not worry, you will not relax by yourself, but the help of something else.


Buy yourself a couple of massages. Or, incorporate some daily meditation into your morning or nightly routine. Research shows that these two things can bring your stress levels down and give you a sense of peace (even if it is temporary). If your family is like mine, a massage and meditation will come in handy, lol!


You now have your 2015 holiday fitness survival guide. I am confident that when you put it into practice, it will not disappoint you. Let us help you with your holiday fitness survival guide. Schedule a consultation with us today to custom tailor your specific 2015 holiday fitness survival guide!

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