Women and Knee Pain: Exercise is Key



Women and knee pain is unfortunately, very common.  Women and knee pain is a big one in our society that ranks up there with men and ankle injuries. Whether it is from playing sports, being overweight or some type of acute injury (like a car accident), a lot of women suffer from knee pain. Like us men, women choose to just deal with the pain instead of doing something about it.  However, there are a few simple takes you can take to help you with your knee pain. Here are my two tips to help women with their knee pain.

Lose Weight

Tip #1 for women and knee pain deals with weight loss. If your body is holding more weight than it  should, your joints will let you know. Your joints, particularly, the knee joint, can only bare so much load before they start to wear and tear. Weight loss has helped a lot of people eliminate knee pain. One of the best ways to lose weight  is to do the following: drink more water (at least half your body weight in ounces as a starter), get more sleep (7-9 hrs. /night) and lift weights (2-3x/week,doing  total body exercises). For women and knee pain,  these tips have helped other women to reduce or get rid of their knee pain.


Do Specific Corrective Exercises

Tip #2 for women and knee pain deals with specific exercises. If extra weight is not the reason why you have knee issues, then it could be that you need to strengthen and stretch the muscles that have a relationship with your knees. If you are not currently doing this, then I recommend you do the following:

1. Stretch these muscles: outside part of your calf, inner thighs and hip flexors

2. Strengthen these muscles: front of lower leg, middle part of your calf and your butt muscles.

The following routines Great Exercise Routine for Women With Knee Pain & Foam Rolling for Knee Pain are what I recommend you do two to three/week. I am sure this will help all women and knee pain!


Women and knee pain is common today. Whether your knee pain is a result of being overweight, some past injury or neglecting to include exercises for your knee area in your workout routine, you can work to get rid of the pain. Weight loss and doing specific corrective exercises are both great ways for women and knee pain to eliminate the pain! If you would like help from us in eliminating your knee issues, CONTACT  US today for a free consultation!

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