Skipping Jumping Rope For Exercise


Skipping jumping rope is what we did as kids for fun.  However, they are still great for us as adults to do today. Here are three reasons why they are still not only effective and great exercises, but also fun!

Interval Training

Skipping jumping rope in Bethesda fits into interval training. Because skipping jumping rope both involve short, repeated bouts of high intensity activity (i.e. interval training), they are great to improve fat and weight loss. You can burn more calories in a shorter period of time doing these exercises instead of the elliptical or treadmill.


Helps to Prevent Bone Diseases

Skipping jumping rope in Bethesda involves stress to our bone density because of the speed and force produced with each skip and jump. As a result, they can help prevent or slow down the bone diseases known as osteopenia and osteoporosis. Skipping jumping rope will allow our bones to receive good stress to it, which helps make it stronger!


Muscle Definition in Legs

While muscle definition may not be a goal of everyone, it is nice to see some muscle on your body right? Because of the high intensity and power involved in skipping jumping rope,  you will develop some nice muscles, particularly in the legs. If you don’t believe me, look at a boxer’s body. Boxers include a lot of jumping rope in their workouts.

Suggested Beginner’s Program for Skipping Jumping Rope:

Surface: grass or rubbering flooring preferably

Sets: 1-3

Reps: 5-8 (skipping) 20-30 seconds (Jumping rope)

Tempo: controlled to moderately fast

Rest: 0-90 seconds

Check out this video by the world famous jump roper, Buddy Lee, to learn how to  jump rope. Also,  check out this video to learn how to skip properly!


Skipping jumping rope in the Palisades are usually kids and athlete activities. However, they should be done as adults because they help with fat loss, prevention of bone disease and they are just fun activities that will keep you laughing! If you would like to learn how to include them in your workout, then please schedule a free consultation with us today!

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