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Fitness tips from a personal trainer are a dime a dozen. We are truly the best people to consult for fitness tips. Here are our three fitness tips from a Palisdes personal trainer.


Fitness tip #1 is the warm up, the most under appreciated part of the workout. Most people think that it is just a time waster and it is boring. While the latter part could be true, it is definitely not a time waster. The warm-up is designed to do just that, warm up the body. Our bodies perform very well once it has been properly moved to do work. For example, my fitness tip #1 typically consists of some form of self-myofascial release (SMR), static stretching, mobility work and then I am ready to go. I suggest that you do this same fitness tip.


Alternate Weight Training and Cardio Training

Fitness tip #2 is switching your weight and cardio training.  Most people that I know perform the same kind or type of workout routine with very little change. For example, a lot of people always do their cardio exercise before weight training and vice versa. While this can be helpful depending on your particular goals, generally speaking, the body will adapt to this same routine. I alternate what I do each time I workout during the week and from week to week.

For example, if I exercise on Monday starting with cardio, then the next time I will start with weight training. I have done this for several years and I have noticed that my body had adapted to each workout. In others words, I am able to handle either workout regardless of what I did first. This is one of the benefits of exercise and there is a principle for this called SAID (Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands). This can be very helpful for people who are looking to build endurance and lose weight.

Cool Down

Second to only the warm-up, the cool down (fitness tip #3), is also an under appreciated part of the workout. Most people when they finish their workout, hit the showers or head out of the gym. Depending on the intensity of workout, doing this can impede your next day’s workout & overall progress. I leave 5-10 minutes to make sure that I allow my body to return to resting level’s by performing light stretching, breathing techniques and overall relaxation exercises. This is proves to not only be beneficial psychologically, but, physically too!



There are a lot of fitness tips you can learn from a personal trainer’s workout. I hope these three fitness tips help you in your personal workouts! If you are interested in learning more fitness tips, please reach out to us HERE!





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