Exercising With Your Kids in Bethesda


Exercising with your kids should be a goal for every family. However, in today’s society, families are spending less and less time together.  Parents are working more and kids are spending more time outside of the house than ever before. It is truly sad times for the family structure.

However, there are some things to do to get our families back on track. One of the ways is through family exercise! As a result, here are a few easy ways to start exercising with your kids in the Palisades (or your city).

Saturday afternoon Walks and Biking

When the weather allows, family walks are great for exercising with your kids. The parents can do the walking, while the kids do the biking (or scootering). Your kids will love this because they love spending time outside with their family riding their bikes.

Push-Up Competitions

For exercising with your kids in the Palisades, how about a family push-up competition. You can do as many pushups as possible in two rounds and pick the winner based upon that. Now, mom and dad make sure you let one of the kids win or else you may ruin the fun part about exercising with your kids!

Fitness DVD’s

In addition, exercise dvd’s are great for exercising with your kids. My kids actually like to pop them in themselves and start working out! It is amazing to see how much energy they have at their young age and how they can keep up with the DVDs. Your kids will enjoy this too!

Playing Outside

For exercising with your kids in the Palisades, playing outside is probably the most popular thing that we should do with our kids. From freeze tag, to two-hand touch, to hide and go seek, there is plenty of fun & exercise. You can even play the chase game where your kids get a head start running or on their bike and then you have to try and catch them as exercising with kids.

Gym Workout Sessions

There are gyms that have what is called family gym time.

This is time set aside where families come in and do “real exercises” together.  Some of those exercises might include things such as planks, push-ups, squats, bridges, jumping jacks and the TRX row that really makes exercising with kids super fun! As a result, we may incorporate something like that at Move Well Fitness!


In conclusion, families that exercise together, stay together! With the demands of today’s busy schedule for everyone, please make time to spend together exercising with your kids in the Palisades (or your city)! Trust me, they will cherish every waking moment!

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