7 Questions To Ask a Palisades Personal Trainer


In today’s blog, we are talking about 7 questions to ask a Palisades (or your respective city) personal trainer before becoming a client. You obviously want the best results possible from the personal trainer you choose, so it’s critical that you interview them with certain questions. As a result, please find those seven questions listed below:

1. Why did you decide to become a Palisades personal trainer? You want to find out why they are a personal trainer. If they are doing it only because they like working out and not helping people, then I advise you to continue looking for a Palisades personal trainer.

2. Where do you see yourself in five years? You want them to be committed to their career. Oftentimes, people become personal trainers so that they can work out for free while making some money on the side. You have to decide if this type of person is genuinely interested in helping you get in shape.

3. Do you practice what you teach?  Do you want a plumber who has broken pipes at their house or a dentist with a bunch of missing teeth? You want a personal trainer in the Palisades who first takes of themselves and can speak from experience about the benefits of exercise. This can only happen if they exercise too!

4. If there is anything else you could do career wise, what would it be? You want them to say I am already doing it and hope to help more people just like you! If this is not their answer (or something super similar to it), then I suggest you keep looking for a Bethesda personal trainer.

5. What kind of education do you have? While you do want to look for book smarts (i.e. degrees and certifications in the field by organizations such as NASM, NSCA, ACE, Precision Nutrition, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, PTaGlobal, RTS and MAT), you also want to look for education in self-improvement, business, lifestyle coaching and dealing with different personalities. This will help you to know that your trainer is more than a just a wealth of book knowledge.

6. What kind of results have do you get with your clients? This goes without saying. Any Palisades personal trainer worth their weight in gold has helped their clients get results. However, there maybe a new personal trainer who has not been given the opportunity to do so. If they meet all the other qualifications, then I say give them a chance!

7. Finally, you want to ask them this question: What is the least thing you like about personal training? If they answer this question with there is not anything I do not like about personal training, they are lying and you should continue looking for a trainer. All personal trainers, including myself, do not like something about personal training.

In conclusion, there you have it. These 7 questions you should ask any Palisades personal trainer before becoming a client. I hope they were helpful for you. If you are seriously looking for a Palisades personal trainer, then please consider us. Click here: Move Well Fitness has the best personal training in the Palisades to schedule a free consultation with us TODAY!

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