Palisades Personal Trainer Offers Advice on Low Back Pain


According to studies, low back pain affects nearly 80% of all adults. Most low back injuries come:

  1. Wearing high heels (women).
  2. Performing manual labor.
  3. People who sit for long periods of time (greater than 3 hrs.).

There are some simple steps one can take to make sure that they avoid current and future back pain or injury. These steps all involve simple exercises that can be performed from anywhere, including one’s office.

Step #1: In order to prevent further injury or a relapse, the 1st thing one should do is stretch common muscles that are tight. Since tight muscles can overwork, they can become overactive.  As a result, these muscles include: low back, hips, calves and the lats (the big back muscles). For each stretch, you want to hold the stretch for 30-120 seconds and perform the movement for 1-2 repetitions 3-5x/week.

Step #2: After you have stretched the tight muscles,  another area to focus on is strengthening the muscles that are weak. Muscles become weak typically from lack of use or overuse by the muscles that oppose the weak muscles.

For example, if your hip flexor is tight, it could cause your glutes (butt) muscles to become weak. As a result, the muscles that tend to be weak with a lower back injury include:

1. Certain core muscles.

2. The butt.

3. the hamstrings.

For each strengthening exercise, you want to perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions 3-5x/week says a personal trainer in the Palisades.

Step #3: Now that you have isolated the lower back with stretching and strengthening exercises, a Palisades Personal Trainer says now it is time to focus on integrating your entire body back into exercising. As a result, integrated exercises involve using as many muscles as possible in one given exercise.

By performing integrated exercises, you will ensure that your hip joint (which can be misaligned with low back injuries) starts and remains in the right position and the proper muscles are working as they should. For each integrated exercise, you want to perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions 3x/week.

In conclusion, if you follow these three simple steps, you can avoid low back pain setbacks.

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