CrossFit in the Palisades Is a Winner Or Is it?


Crossfit in the Palisades

Recently, I had the opportunity to support a colleague & friend of mine in her very first fitness competition. Since I had not seen her in a while (she lives in Charlottesville, VA), I decided to go and support her. In her Facebook post, she posted the link to the event and I clicked on it. As I started reading the page, I was not quite sure what kind of competition it was, but the descriptions of it seemed like CrossFit.

I said to myself, “Hmmm, Mary (her real name is not Mary, but for discretion reasons let us just pretend that this is her name) is not a fan of CrossFit, so, why would she be competing in a CrossFit event.” So, I decided to shoot her a quick text message.

She responded & sure enough, it was CrossFit and she had been doing it for the past three months! Needless to say, I was shocked! Not shocked because I did not think she would do well or be competitive, but shocked because we both were not fans of CrossFit (mainly because we thought the risks outweighed the benefits).

Well, I told myself, you’ve never been to an event before, here is a good reason to check it out live. So, I decided to do just that. To make a long story short, attending that event was one of the best fitness decisions that I have ever made! I got to see, firsthand, why Crossfit is truly a sport, is an encouraging and supportive environment and arguably the most efficient 8-minute workout ever created! Let’s talk about all of these:

CrossFit is a sport:

As a former athlete (well, I still consider myself an athlete sometimes, lol!) of various sports, I know what a sport is. A sport has to have competition, it must be fun, it must have fans and it must involve preparation (i.e. Exercise). Guess what, CrossFit has all of these. If you thrive in this type of environment, then CrossFit maybe for you.

CrossFit in Bethesda is a supportive atmosphere:

From the moment that the leader of the event counted down the time clock and said GO, there was tons of cheering, encouraging, screaming, yelling and hand clapping for literally every competitor there! This type of energy is very contagious. I found myself cheering for complete strangers, even when “Mary” was not competing. If you love immediate and constant support & need this to be consistent in your workouts, then CrossFit maybe for you.

CrossFit is the most efficient 8-minute workout:

There is that saying: “receiving your bang for you buck”. Whoever created that phrase must have had CrossFit on their mind. In a very short 8 minutes, I witnessed 100’s of fitness enthusiasts doing: burpees, leg-ups, deadlifts, and squat thrusts and to my surprise, I would say most of the competitors where able to hold form just like I would expect my very own clientele to do when they exercise with me. If I told you that you could burn 500+ calories in 8 minutes, but feel like you completed a 45 minute workout, how would that make you feel? If time is an issue for you and you struggle with burning enough calories in your workout to lose weight, then CrossFit maybe for you.


Ok, ok, ok, I know some of you are saying the following:

  1.  Is Maurice, Mr. NASM, supporting CrossFit in the Palisades?
  2. Is Maurice saying that CrossFit is not dangerous?
  3. Am I thinking of crossing over to CrossFit workouts?
  4. Is Maurice going to abandon his current Move Well Fitness style of progressive workouts for CrossFit’s version?

Hold your horses people, it is not time to stop the presses yet, lol! Here is what I’m saying: CrossFit in the Palisades is just like any other form of an exercise program. It has its risks and its rewards. But, for the person who is looking for a:

  1. Very efficient.
  2. High risk.
  3. Time friendly.
  4. Super supportive.
  5. Sport environment.

Then there is nothing else like CrossFit in the Palisades. I must say two thumbs up to it!

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