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How to Exercise as Mothers in the Palisades

How to exercise as mothers in the Palisades and stay motivated to workout, despite all of the known benefits to do so, can be a major challenge. As the husband of a wife who is a homemaker and homeschooler, I see how challenging it is for a mother to find the time and energy to […]

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CrossFit in the Palisades Is a Winner Or Is it?

Crossfit in the Palisades Recently, I had the opportunity to support a colleague & friend of mine in her very first fitness competition. Since I had not seen her in a while (she lives in Charlottesville, VA), I decided to go and support her. In her Facebook post, she posted the link to the event […]

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The Simplicity of Weight Loss

This is a blog I posted in 2011. It is still very relevant today, so, I’ve decided to repost it. Enjoy! The simplicity of weight loss is truly something people struggle with. During a recent visit (May 16th if my memory serves me correct) to the scale at the gym where I work, I jumped on […]

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Move Well Fitness in the Palisades

Hello fellow fitness enthusiasts! My name is Maurice, the owner of Move Well Fitness in the Palisades, and I’ve been a personal trainer, specializing in general fitness, weight loss, senior fitness, stay-at-home moms, sports performance & corrective exercise, since 1998. Welcome to Your Body, Your Move, a blog from my company, Move Well Fitness,  based […]

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