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Five Fitness Myths Busted

Five Fitness Myths Busted By now you know that certain myths simply aren’t true – weights don’t make you bulky, diets are typically a bad idea, and that fat physiologically can’t be transformed into muscle. So, I’m going to focus more on five fitness myths busted that won’t be true anymore for you after today! […]

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Personal Trainer Myths DeBunked

Personal trainer myths debunked are my topic for today. As a personal trainer, I must admit there is some truth to most of the myths. However, not all personal trainers have been victims of the myths. Here are three myths that will help you understand that personal training is a real career and deserves respect. […]

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Fitness Advice: Three Bad Ones

Fitness advice is just that, advice! You must take it with a grain of salt while considering the source. As a fitness professional with almost 20 years of experience, I have heard a lot about fitness. There probably has not been day that has gone by in my days of training clients, watching people exercise […]

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