Favorite Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder exercises are common amongst women and men. If I were to take a poll of 100 men and women asking them if they included their favorite shoulder exercises in their exercise program, I am sure 90% of them would say yes. How about you? Do you work your shoulders when you exercise? As a […]

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You Can Lose Weight After 50!

Introduction Yes, you can lose weight after 50 yrs old!  Although exercise may not be as easy as it once was,  there is still hope. Below, are five ways that you can lose weight after 50! Weight Train More. People over 50 tend to focus more on cardio exercise. Weight training allows your body to […]

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Exercise for Pregnant Women

The fear that came with exercise for pregnant women years ago is a thing of the past.  Exercise for pregnant women in the Palisades is now safe.  You do want to get the ok from your doctor & seek out a qualified and certified fitness professional before starting. These tips below from Move Well Fitness […]

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Fitness Trends In the Palisades

Fitness Trends in the Palisades In this world of technology and “I want it now”, we have become a society that loves the latest and the greatest. We are no strangers to this in the fitness arena in the Palisades as we have our fair share of fitness products, trends and fads. While this can be […]

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Weight Lifting for Women in the Palisades

Traditionally speaking, when it comes to exercise, men have dominated the lifting weights world. This occurred mainly due to men being allowed to participate in sporting activities while women were not allowed to because it was not considered “lady like” and it was illegal (Illegal for Women to Lift Weights). Women are not longer looked […]

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