Makers of Dreams

Makers of Dreams. I hope you saw my message from the other day on The Killer of Dreams.” If you missed it, be sure to click here to read this powerful post here: The Killer of Dreams. That piece was really about owning and acknowledging the excuses we make for ourselves. Too often we buy […]

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The Killer of Dreams

The Killer of Dreams Have you ever used the phrase “When ________, then _________…”? Let me give you an example: WHEN things in my life calm down and I can focus, THEN I’ll lose the weight and get in shape. Or… WHEN I have a little more money, THEN I’ll invest in myself. This phrase […]

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The Fear PR

The Fear PR When you face powerful emotions like fear and failure, do they stop you in your tracks or propel you into forward action? For me, fear as much as failure have stopped me and pushed me into action.  As a result, today, I want to challenge you to set a “Fear PR” (PR=Personal […]

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Change Your Trajectory by 1%

Change your trajectory… What would it look like for you to change your trajectory just 1% of your daily habits, behaviors or thoughts? What’s the impact of 1% change your trajectory? If you were flying an airplane and you flew off course by just 1%, there is a great chance you’d end up on another […]

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