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July Fourth Fitness Tips

July Fourth fitness tips is our topic for discussion! The Fourth of July is our country’s annual holiday where we celebrate our independence. It is also a day where food and fitness has become the norm. To make sure that our food and fitness is the best it can be, we will highlight a few July […]

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Exercise for Busy Professionals

Is exercise for busy professionals possible? From our professional careers, to family and technology, we are all busy. When busy happens, we seem to forget the things that really matter, like our health. Ouch! However, exercise does not have to be a chore or an event. Here are three tips that will help make exercise […]

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Exercising With Your Kids in Bethesda

Exercising with your kids should be a goal for every family. However, in today’s society, families are spending less and less time together.  Parents are working more and kids are spending more time outside of the house than ever before. It is truly sad times for the family structure. However, there are some things to […]

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