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Exercises That Un-hunch Your Shoulders

Exercises that un-hunch your shoulders are needed now-a-days! Whether you are typing away at your computer, tablets or cellphones, you are typically in a hunched over position. As a result, the society that you live in has caused damage to your body. Then, when you leave work or slow down a bit on your mobile […]

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Three Neck Stretches That Work

Three neck stretches that work are those that stretch the major neck muscles. The major neck muscles are: the scalenes, levator scapulae and the sternocleidomastoid.  Because there are three major neck muscles, I suggest you stretch all three. You want to stretch these muscles by doing the following You might sit too much which causes […]

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Exercise After Joint Injury: Three Solutions

Exercise after joint injury can depend upon several things.  Here are a few: How bad was your injury? Where did your injury take place? Did you correctly follow your rehab program? Despite all of the above, there is a three-step plan that you can follow. This plan will allow you to exercise after joint injury […]

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