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Stress and Weight Gain

Stress and weight gain. Have you ever eaten well, exercised consistently, and consumed plenty of water only to see no changes in your body? Perhaps you have wondered why, despite your best efforts, you find your pants getting tighter. Look back on those times. Maybe you’re experiencing it now. Likewise, what has been your stress […]

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What If?

What If? Tony Robbins always has an amazing way of putting perspective on things. One of his concepts that I love is that everything happens FOR you not TO you. It’s the idea that everything in your life serves a purpose, teaches you a lesson, propels you into growth. When we find ourselves overweight, in […]

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Are You Being Carried Away by the Tide?

Are you being carried away the tide? The best analogy I’ve come up with while working with clients to describe how most people live their lives is that they get carried away by the tide. Imagine the powerful ocean currents pulling you in whichever direction they wish. Life can have the same effect. People, circumstances, […]

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