Founded in 2009, Move Well Fitness is a virtual and private boutique personal training company dedicated to helping women lose weight and fit into their clothes once and for all so that you can live with the confidence you deserve.

We help you achieve this through a systematic and progressive approach that includes: cardio, weight training, nutrition, supplementation and accountability. Each program we provide starts with a very thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your current fitness level. In doing this, it is not our desire to embarrass you at all.

We simply perform the evaluation to give you a starting point to achieve all of your goals because we are here to provide you with exceptional personal fitness services through functional movement and wellness.

What’s Involved?

Focusing on helping women regain their energy, confidence & look they had prior to children, Move Well Fitness appeals to those women with a common goal: to re-establish and improve the maximum abilities of their bodies.

Whether your goals are weight-loss oriented, to improve your general fitness or even to correct your body after an injury, our desire is to better help you achieve this in an intimate way with specialized attention to your needs.  A movement away from “gym science” exercise and a movement toward human science and personal fitness planning was and still is the motivational foundation of our business.

We provide the following virtual fitness programs to help you maximize your movement potential.

See Our Awesome Results

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Meet S. Sapin

I began working with Maurice four years ago and highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

I have found him to be an outstanding trainer in every way. Maurice is encouraging, demanding, respectful, and professional. I find him incredibly knowledgeable about physiology, nutrition and proper form for exercises which allow me to safely work towards my goals of improving my endurance, strength, balance and muscle tone. He has an excellent sense of how to create varied weekly workouts which constantly challenge me. Maurice has helped me reach a level of physical fitness which I never imagined I would reach.

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Meet L. Stevenson

Maurice has helped me to believe in myself again.

I have been working with Maurice for about a year now. He has stood by me through 2 wrist surgeries, and the death of my mother- adjusting the program as needed. Maurice has helped me to believe in myself again, and to remember how good exercise can make you feel. Maurice always checks in when I am down, either physically or mentally, and gives me that little nudge to stay the course. I am beyond grateful!

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Move Well Fitness

Move Well Fitness