Say No to Winter Weight Gain


So no to winter weight gain

So you spent the summer and fall working hard. You exercised consistently, you were careful to eat more healthy foods and you watched your portion sizes. Why? So you would feel great during the holidays and not feel guilty eating all those great holiday foods. You greeted winter with a healthy, toned body.

But winter, in spite of all the fun it brings, can be tricky and deal us a cruel blow when it comes to our fitness.

Have you noticed the scale creeping up a little over the last couple of months? If so, you are not alone. Winter is a very easy time to overindulge and pick up those pounds that you shed during the summer months.

Is that what you want though? Are you willing to undo all that you worked so hard to accomplish?

Remember that bad habits creep in slowly. Perhaps you are skipping your workouts a couple days each week, because ‘You have so much to do.’ Or maybe you have been indulging in unhealthy foods a little more frequently when you are with friends. It happens-little by little. It happens one small choice at a time. But those choices add up fast.

If you realize that you have been slipping up, it’s not too late to turn around and get back on track. Really! There is still plenty of winter left for you to regain whatever ground you might have lost and get back to awesome.

Here are a few common reasons that people gain weight in the winter and how to remedy them.

1. Disrupted sleep cycle. Winter brings with it less daylight and shorter days. This less sunshine can cause our circadian rhythms to change which causes us to sleep more. But if we over sleep, that leaves time for less exercise and our bodies will respond by packing on a few extra pounds! The solution? Be diligent to get seven-eights hours of sleep each night and nothing more.

2. Baby, it’s cold out there! When it’s cold and dry, we tend to move around less. Our energy is lower and besides, who wants to be cold all the time, right? But the less you move, the slower your metabolism is and the fewer calories you will burn. Be intentional about keeping up with your exercise. Find indoor exercise alternatives like boot camp classes or maybe even take up swimming. Just keep moving.

3. On the road again. Winter means travel and travel means healthy eating just got harder. Eating on the road presents big challenges if you are trying to eat clean. Before your winter ski trips, brainstorm some ways to reduce the amount of fast food that you will consume while you are away. Consider packing a cooler with hummus, nuts, lean proteins sources like chicken, fresh fruit and raw veggies.

Say no to winter weight gain. Don’t let the winter creep undo all the hard work you’ve done to get you where you are right now. Decide to fight back. Make up your mind to finish well this winter. Your future self will thank you!


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