Coming Home To Your Body


Coming home to your body.

There’s such a strong message in the world about what your body should look like, and it can create an unimaginable heaviness inside of us and chronic feelings about not being good enough.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this?

I know I have. And you might be thinking – “But you’re a fitness professional! How is that possible?”

Oh, but it is! The pressure and the standard is very high in my industry, so believe it or not, I absolutely relate to what you might be experiencing.

And I want to introduce this idea that brings me so much peace…

Firstly, it’s the idea of coming home to your body and to yourself.

Secondly, it’s where you honor, nourish, love, and appreciate the body you’ve been given.

Thirdly, it’s where you actively and regularly identify things about yourself that you absolutely love.

Fourthly, it’s where you take pride in the things you do to take care of yourself – exercise, eat well, rest…

Fifthly, it’s where you become part of a community of people all working toward finding that home and feeling peace with their bodies.

More than anything, it’s about releasing judgement, guilt, and negativity toward yourself.

If coming home to your body is something that you think could shift your life for the better, please comment and let me know. I will read every message personally, and it would mean the world if you shared your experience with me!


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