This Is It This Is My Year To Shine


This is it.

You know…so many people enter each new year thinking this year will be my year!”

But it’s really not your year.

It’s about the fact that it’s all yours. Every year, every week, every day, and every moment.

I’ve saw a lot of memes shared on social media during the last months of 2019 that implied people wer so ready to be done with 2019 because surely 2020 is going to bring something better.

And those memes appear every single year. Coincidence?

This is it.

Here’s the deal: You can step up, take control, and shift the course of your life literally at any moment you choose, whether January 1, April 22, or October 19.

So, if you never want to look back with regret on the actions you should have taken or how far along you’d be if you just acted sooner, change now.

Literally now. You never have to wait until it is a New Year to change.

Take a new action. Your old actions did not work.

Recommit and start in this very moment.

Because no day of the week or year is the day you should be waiting for.

Firstly, Monday is just as good as Tuesday.

Secondly, Wednesday is just as good as Thursday.

Thirdly, Friday is just as good as Saturday or Sunday.

For you or me, life is not promised.

Let us redeem the day while we can.

Here’s a simple way to start in terms of your health and fitness:

1. Before the day ends today, go for a 10 minute walk.

2. Make one of your meals really healthy.

3. Get at least 6 hours of sleep.

These are examples of how SMART you should make your goals.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know by dropping a comment in the comment section.

Yours in Health,



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