You Really Do Matter Everyday


You really do matter everyday.

You, my friend, are unique to this world. And, this world is lacking in uniqueness.

I’ve always felt that unique people need to share themselves. Whether that is through music, the arts or the academia, everyone can benefit from your uniqueness.

There is no one else with your heart, your gifts, and your purpose. So, YOU are the ONLY with your heart, gifts and purpose.

It’s easy to forget that when we’re swept away by the requirements of daily life. You know, get up do this. Go to this place and go that place. Be on time for this and for that. Then, go to bed, rinse and repeat.

Firstly, you forget how special you truly are. I am reminding that you are one of a kind. Please do not ever forget this.

Secondly, you are here to create impact, to influence, to share your truth, and to make the world a better place. Who knows, you might be the next Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa or Ghandi.

Thirdly, it is your duty to be successful in every area of life to create the most impact possible. This means even beyond fitness.

Do not keep the world from your gifts because yes, you really do matter. In other words, there is no need to be stingy, lol!

Be visible, strong, and share your truth abundantly. Start by sharing yourself with you friends, co-workers and loved ones.

Always be kind, generous, respectful, and empathetic to others in sharing your truth, but do not hold back the impact you’re meant to have.

You have a purpose here on earth – are you living it? Most people are not.

In conclusion, I would like to hear your purpose. Please share it with the world and me!


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