Rules Were Made To Be Broken


Rules were made to be broken. But, not in a disobedient way though.

If you’ve been at the fitness game for a while, you may have jumped on and off the wagon a time or two.

And through that process, you may have picked up specific beliefs around exercise and nutrition “rules.”

Some examples would be…

“Don’t eat after 7pm.”

“Lifting weights makes you bulky, so focus on yoga and cardio.”

“Keep your calorie count to 1200 of less each day.”

“Don’t eat fat.”

“Cardio and weight training can’t be done on the same day.”

“You must exercise seven days a week.”

“Do not eat anything in the morning before you workout.”

“Do fasted cardio in the morning only to lose a lot of weight.”

And frankly, rules are made to be broken.

Those rules that we so often hold onto for dear life are the rules that made us fall off the wagon in the first place. They’re the rules that kept us from getting real, lasting results.

So, look inward for a moment. What hard and fast rules do you believe to be true around fitness or nutrition?

Now, I want you to question them.

Firstly, how did they work for you in the past?

Secondly, were you able to stick with those rules?

How did abiding by those rules make you feel?

If any negative responses came up, it’s time to let go of those rules and try something new.

Try this:

I am going to exercise at least three times this week.

For each day, I will exercise for at least 30 minutes.

I will do cardio on all three days.

I will do weight training on two of the three days.

In conclusion, yes, rules were made to be broken. However, brake them in a smart way to your benefit.

To Your Success,

Coach Mo


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