Yes, Your Brain is Watching You


Yes, your brain is watching you.

When you resolve to do something, whether or not you actually follow through can have a profound impact both now and in the future.

Consequently, I believe that your brain is watching. Not literally of course, but, here me out on this one:

If you stick to what you set out to do – lose weight, write a book, run a marathon – your brain starts to believe in you more and more.

For example, you set your alarm for your first early morning run. The alarm goes off the next day and you get out of bed to go for a run. Your brain registers this as a success!

But when you don’t follow through, the opposite occurs.

Your brain subtly begins to doubt you and your commitments. For example, if you say you’re going to begin training for a marathon, but, you never start it.

Or, you never get around to starting that book you wanted to write because you don’t have the time.

It becomes easier to make and believe excuses. It’s more likely that your ego will win, keeping you just where you are instead of progressing forward.

Who wants to remain status quo or even regress? I know I don’t and hope you don’t either! Status quo gets us no where. Going backward is even worse and leaves us feeling defeated.

Would you prefer your brain believe in you and support you with the right thoughts and beliefs?

Or will you train it to doubt you, almost inevitably keeping you stuck on big and challenging goals?

As always, the choice is yours. However, you are not alone in this journey. Reach out to us to let us help you!

In conclusion, yes, your brain is watching you so don’t disappoint it. 🙂

Coach Mo!


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