Do You Know The 7% and Living Your Truth


Do you know the 7% and living your truth.

One of the things I love most about working out is how we are forced from our comfort zones on a regular basis.

I remember reading a statistic years ago that only about 7% of Americans were regularly committed to exercise. 7%!!!!

If that’s even close to true, it’s not hard to understand why. We humans are designed to seek comfort, familiarity, and to avoid change.

But being in the gym, under weights, and breathless forces us to embrace the opposite of those comfortable feelings we desire.

Those who are able to replicate this dedication and who move toward discomfort regularly are the ones who will always remain healthy and fit. That is to say, there is a rare small percentage.

No workout ever feels easy. But for what lies on the other side of that commitment, it’s always worth it.

Certainly, do you agree.

Similarly, do you know the 7% and living your truth?

What does it mean to live your truth?

It has taken me years to find the answer.

Likewise, here at Move Well Fitness, we inadvertently help our clients find their own truths through the power of fitness and transformation.

💎How AMAZING is that?!💎

For example, my truths are:

We care about you!

You will see results if you put in the effort and trust us.

Moreover, at our facility, you have a family here.

We are dependable and you will trust in us.

In addition, we make things fun and simple for you.

This list could go on but I want to hear from YOU! Once you uncover your truth, shout it from the rooftops!

Hit reply and let me know – what does it mean to you to live your truth?

In conclusion, we should all be living out our truth.

Yours in health,



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