Do You Have a Fear of Failure?


Do you have a fear of failure?

Have you ever wanted to accomplish a big goal like losing weight, starting a business, completing a large project of some kind, etc… and told literally NO ONE else about it?

What about stalling or holding yourself back from getting started because it all just felt like too much?

Have you told yourself you can’t be successful because you’ve failed in the past. And then maybe you questioned why you’d even bother?

You see, all of these thought processes are symptoms of the FEAR OF FAILURE.

It’s the thing that holds so many people back from getting started on a goal in the first place.

We think – “If I don’t start, I can’t fail.” Or – “If I don’t tell anyone about it, no one will judge me if I fail.”

I have been there are numerous occasions. As a matter of fact, I still face that fear. However, I now know to face it. Healthy fear is ok as long as you know how to turn it into action.

If you’ve ever had either of these thoughts, you’re almost certainly setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, take immediate action. Start anyway. And share your goals with the world to stay accountable. Yes, the haters are going to hate, but, the last time I checked, they don’t pay our bills!

Whatever it is, it does not have to be perfect. As the saying goes, imperfect action is better than no action at all.

Because the only thing worse then failing (and learning lessons) is not trying at all. They are countless success stories of people just starting, failing along the way and then figuring out what works best.

In conclusion, do you have a fear of failure?

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