What It Takes For Long Term Fitness Success


What it takes for long term fitness success…

Maybe you’re probably aware, but most people jump on and off of the fitness wagon many times throughout their lives. It usually happens every year between January 1st and 31st.

If I told you that committing to ONE thing could change all of that yo-yo-ing, would you do it?

However, if you want to have a body that takes care of you and that you love for life, you need to do this one thing.

What it takes for long term fitness success is to aim for A
COMMITTED YEAR. Yes, a one year long commitment will be challenging, but, the end result will be worth it.

I know that might sound overwhelming right now if you’ve never been successful at sticking to an exercise program for that long.

But research shows that if you exercise CONSISTENTLY over a 12-month period, you will develop a positive addiction for life. And, who does not need a positive addiction for life these days?

How close have you gotten to being consistent for a year before and what threw you off?

Look at those obstacles that came up for you. How could you handle them in a way better than letting go of your fitness?

Believe me, I KNOW this isn’t easy. I can be crazy busy too, and I DEFINITELY do not always feel like exercising and eating well!

But I can honestly say, I’ve been doing it for so long now that it’s a habit and a positive addiction! So, this makes it easier to do it everyday.

This can happen for anyone, too. So, are you in for a year?

In conclusion, making this commitment to health (and life) will be one of the greatest rewards (and gifts) you can give yourself. ☺

To Your Success!



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