What Exactly Is Intuitive Eating?


What exactly is intuitive eating?

It is what the new anti diet approach to eating has become.

Intuitive eating practices are the result of the absolute exhaustion people feel when they are or have been chronic dieters.

Counting calories, weighing and measuring food, and feeling guilt or pride around food choices will take a lot out of you! And that’s just one reason that most dieters fail (and gain even more weight).

The principle of intuitive eating is to essentially reject diet mentality. To no longer identify foods as good or bad. And to never go hungry, leading to feelings of deprivation and binging cycles.

This type of eating doesn’t imply a free-for-all, but it does imply that you innately know what your body needs and how much. There’s no policing around food but rather sensibility. You eat enough but not too much. Your body CAN recognize what this looks like with a bit of practice.

Children are intuitive eaters until they are shown otherwise. They eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’ve had enough. They don’t analyze or obsess over food. You ate intuitively once and you can learn to do it again!

It is also a movement away from emotional eating because developing your intuitive eating principles will better tune you into true hunger over emotions.

What exactly is intuitive eating? Ultimately, it’s honoring and respecting your body. It’s about focusing on all things good and healthy from food to exercise while removing guilt and obsession.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think intuitive eating might be right for you?

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