Your Cheat Sheet for Change


Your cheat sheet for change

As you may have heard from me or others, change isn’t always the easiest thing…especially when it comes to making changes to better our health.

Because of that, I decided to create a cheat sheet for you to start making small changes to your life with ease that will add up to big results in terms of creating the body and the life you desire and the health you deserve.

Your cheat sheet for change is right below, so grab it, fill it out, and let me know what you are going to implement first!

Yours in Health,


Consider each point and write down one or several ways you can apply this concept to your life:

1.Do something uncomfortable each day.

2.Get support and coaching in areas which you wish to change.

3.Create a set of rules related to your rules you can easily follow.

4.Visualize the life you will have if you commit to your goals.

5.Change just one thing at a time (where will you start)?

6.Replace mindless activities (watching tv) with growth activities (reading/learning).

p.s. Change is often very uncomfortable and hard to commit to. Many times, it takes trying and failing repeatedly to create real change in your life.

Here at Move Well Fitness we’ve cut out that serious learning curve. We teach our members exactly what to do and how to do it and we keep them accountable to real results and transformation.

If this is an area you could use some support in, please hit reply or fill out your info below to let us know so we can be in touch right away.


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