Kitchen Must Haves


Kitchen Must Haves

No matter what your goals are – weight loss, health, performance, etc. – the first ingredient to success is your nutrition! For example, what did you eat for breakfast today?

Whether or not you love to cook, it’s part of the process, and you can make it a lot more enjoyable by having the right equipment.

So, be sure to check out the image below of my KITCHEN MUST HAVES CHECKLIST! Having these items at your disposal will make cooking healthy much easier (and more convenient!).

One of the things I help clients with a lot is meal preparation. As a result, we spend good amount of time talking about food.

This is an important part of success if you are crazy busy like most people.

For example, here are some of the strategies you could look at to ensure you’re eating healthy each week:

1. The Sunday Ritual – Shop for and prep all of your food for the upcoming week, including portioning it into containers to grab and go. As a result, you’ll make your life way more easier!

2. Prepare each day – Shop ahead of time but above all, prepare your food day to day. This could look like making overnight oats to have for breakfast, a jar salad for lunch, and whipping up a healthy dinner. As a result, all can be prepped very quickly!

3. Cook in bulk – Similarly, this is kind of like the Sunday ritual but slightly different. This is where you’d pick several entrees to make in very large portions to freeze into grab and go sizes over the coming few weeks. Consequently, this typically adds more variety to your meal options, but make sure you choose recipes that freeze well!

In conclusion, which of these do you think would work best for you? Are you currently doing one of these practices?

Let us know!

To Your Success,


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