How to Deal With Injuries


How to Deal With Injuries

Injuries can certainly be setbacks. We have the most highly qualified coaches here at Move Well Fitness to prevent that or even correct an injury, but sometimes things happen outside of the gym that land you in pain.

There are certain cases of injury so significant that movement is inadvisable, so you should always consult a doctor. But if it’s a particular body part that is injured, I’d like to inspire you to look at the injury as an opportunity.

Let me give you an example of how to deal with injuries.

Several years ago (2002), I sustained a low back injury that was pretty serious. I even had to go to the emergency in an ambulance because of the pain I felt. I was diagnosed with what is a called a base posterior of my spine. This is where one’s sacrum has shifted up into their lumbar spine. Ouch, pretty painful sounding right!

Needless to say, it kept me from doing certain exercises. However, certain non-weight baring movements were ok.

Instead of focusing on what I could not do, I searched for the things I could do. I didn’t lose total faith in my ability to workout despite injury. As a result, I’d encourage you to do the same!

For example, one of my client’s (Tricia) did the same thing. She came to me two years with low back pain. She no longer has back pain and is doing exercises she could not do in the past.

If you have a knee injury, what can you do with your upper body? If you have a shoulder issue, how can you train your heart or lower body?

In most cases, there’s something that can be done, so please, please don’t give up entirely!

We can help you if you’re in pain and show you exactly how to deal with injuries.

Being in pain can be a life-altering experience, and we want you to know that no matter where you are, we can help you through it.

Is this something you can relate to? If not, do you have a friend who might need some hope and guidance to get through an injury?

Reply and let me know, or forward this email to someone who it could help.

In conclusion, we want everyone living their best, fittest, and happiest life and the includes you!

Yours in Health!


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