The Fear PR Tool Works For You


The Fear PR tool works for you

When you face powerful emotions like fear and failure, do they stop you in your tracks or propel you into forward action?

For me, fear as much as failure have stopped me and pushed me into action.

 As a result, Today, I want to challenge you to set a “Fear PR” (PR=Personal Record).

 Identify the thing in life that scares you most right now. The thing that keeps you from taking decisive action and moving forward. Ask yourself a few questions:

Firstly: What EXACTLY am I afraid of?

Secondly: What is the absolute worst case scenario around this fear?

Thirdly: Is what’s holding me back reality or just in my head?

Often diving into what it is you’re actually afraid of will show you that the fear comes from the stories you’re telling yourself in your own head rather than reality.

Now go set the Fear PR tool works for you!

Most noteworthy, tackle that fear head on and tell yourself that this is just a stepping stone to your success.

If you “fail,” you get to have an incredible learning experience, since failure is just a slight derailment on your path meant to correct your actions to lead you to where you are supposed to be.  

And really, it’s only failure if you GIVE UP!

So, do not give up. Keep trying! How many stories have you read of people who never quit and finally achieved their goals?

So, what’s the thing you can set a Fear PR on? I can see your creative juices overflowing and you seeing it and achieving it. Hit reply and share with me!

To Overcoming Fear,

you should start right now. Are you ready? Then, let us go!

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