Hard or Easy Workouts?


Hard or easy workouts, which do you do? I get asked this question a lot. The question is usually asked this way: “Maurice, do I have to workout hard to get good results?”

My response is usually, “Well, what do you consider to be hard and what do you consider to be easy?”  As you know, hard or easy is relative.

My goal today is to teach you the importance of a progressive workout. A progressive workout will allow you to have days where your exercise is harder and days where your exercise program is easier (yet, still effective). 

 So, you will know whether or not hard or easy workouts are what you should be doing.

Any client of mine that works with me at Move Well Fitness will tell you that they have been through progressive exercise.

Progressive exercise is where you start with exercises specific to your current fitness level, master them, then, move forward.

The reason why I start you where you are instead of where I think you should be is:

I don’t have any desire to injury you.

2.     You don’t want to feel like you failed if you can’t do the exercises I teach you.

3.     You want immediate wins.

For example, let’s say you come to me with a goal of weight loss. After taking you through your fitness assessment, I find out that your cardio conditioning is subpar and you can only do five push-ups.

 It would not make sense for me to tell you have to run for 30 minutes, five days/week and do 15 push-ups every morning upon waking. 

Although this exercise would equal a hard workout, it would not be  best for you because your body would not handle it.

 Instead, I would start you with a mile walk, three times/week and five modified push-ups every other day until you can get to ten push-ups without feeling fatigued.

 This is what I call progressive exercise and what I recommend for all of my clients.

 After a while, your body will adjust to the exercises and they will start to become easier. This is where we starting making your exercise program more challenging.  However, this does not mean that every workout is going to be harder each time.

 Your body needs a break every now and then to prevent breakdown and injury. This is where your easy workout would come in.  Remember, easier workouts are done to allow for harder ones in the future!

So, let’s go back to the original question, should I do hard or easy workouts.  My answer is both! Build a solid foundation of fitness first through progressive exercise, then, the sky is the limit for you!

If you would like my help with building your progressive exercise routine, just holla!


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