Weight Loss Goals: Nutrition or Fitness First?


Weight loss goals are very common this time of year.

You pigged out during Thanksgiving. You ate too much during the Christmas or Hanukah holiday. Cookies, cakes, candies, pies galore and now you feel bloated and fat right?

I, too, know this feeling. Yes, fitness professionals can fall guilty to the temptations of all those delicious smelling and tasty looking foods. Full disclosure, I did too!

Well, now, it’s Jan 1st and you are mad at yourself because you gained all this weight on top of the weight you were supposed to lose last year!

However, you are committed to making the mind shift change and are now ready to go all in. Great! Where do you start?

Have you asked yourself this question before? I know many people have.

Do I change my eating first? Do I join a gym and hire a personal trainer first? Or, do I do both?

These are great questions that everyone should be asking themselves.

It is my goal today to give you my educated opinion as to what you should do.

I recommend you do a little of both and here’s why:

Change Your Eating

Weight loss goals don’t have to be hard. You have to think: “less is more”.

Here’s what I mean:

Instead of going “cold turkey” and saying:“I’m never going to eat anything that is bad anymore”, I recommend you do something different.

I suggest you pick one habit and master it before you add anything else. For example, I usually recommend to my clients to start with your water intake.

I recommend they drink at least half their body weight in ounces of water. Just doing this can help you start losing weight pretty fast as most people don’t drink enough water.

After you’ve mastered your daily water intake, the next suggestion I give my clients is to add protein to each meal.

Protein helps with weight loss because your body works hard to digest it (i.e. more calories burned). 

Protein is also good because it promotes muscle growth which helps your metabolism work more throughout the day (i.e. another way to burn more calories).

Obviously, there are other things you can do, but, I recommend you keep things simple by using my approach.

Typically, it will take a person ~ 1 month to master these suggestions. Think about this: within three months, you would have mastered three huge things that will help with weight loss! Pretty cool right?

Adding In Fitness

Weight loss goals for fitness are just the same as nutrition!

I recommend to my clients that in addition to their weight training with me, they also add 15 to 20 minutes of daily walking. Could they do more than 15-20 minutes, yes! Could they run or do some other harder cardio, perhaps. 

It is not about working harder at this point. It’s about making sure you are being consistent, everyday, with building good health habits that you became a part of beyond just the weight loss.

I don’t think it’s necessary to join a gym to lose weight.  Don’t get my wrong, I’m a fan of gyms, personal trainers (of course, I am one) and other health professionals.  However, you can reach your goals alone.  We are here to help if you can’t do it on your own.

Another fitness suggestion I give my clients is daily stretching. Yes, stretching can help you lose weight indirectly.

I say indirectly because a body that is more limber and can move freely, has less change of injury and restrictions with certain exercises.


Weight loss goals can be achieved. You must decide to make it simple, not hard.

My recommendation is to pick one nutrition and fitness goal that you can master each month.  Before you know it, you’ll be at your goal weight. More importantly, you’ve built sustainable habits and you did not kill yourself doing it.

If you would like my help or just need more information from me, please contact me today to set your free consultation!

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