Exercises That Un-hunch Your Shoulders


Exercises that un-hunch your shoulders are needed now-a-days!

Whether you are typing away at your computer, tablets or cellphones, you are typically in a hunched over position. As a result, the society that you live in has caused damage to your body.

Then, when you leave work or slow down a bit on your mobile device, you get in your car to continue with your bad posture.

It’s no mystery that these body positions are damaging your spine and muscles that help your skeleton move.

However, there is a something that can help your body and that is exercise. Since you have no intentions of putting down your mobile devices, exercise is the next best option right?

As a result, here are six exercise movements that I recommend to un-hunch your shoulders!

  1. Standing posture in the mirror
  2. Floor Cobras
  3. Static Chest Stretch
  4. Opposite Arm/Leg Raises
  5. Reach, Roll Lift
  6. Quadruped Reach and Rotate

Standing Posture in the Mirror: A lot of times, just being aware of your posture is half the battle. I recommend you take time to watch yourself in the mirror and fix what you see wrong.


Floor Cobras: This is a great exercise to relax your chest muscles and strengthen the muscles in between your shoulder blades. Plus, it can be done anywhere with no equipment too!

Opposite Arm/Leg Raises: A great exercise to strengthen the very deep back muscles that can become weak with hunched shoulders.

Reach, Roll and lift: Designed to work your back muscles on each side one at a time. Most noteworthy, this exercise also increases your shoulder range of motion.


Static Chest Stretch. With hunched shoulders, they cause your chest muscles to work too much. Hence, this stretch allows your chest muscles to take a break.

Quadruped Reach and Rotate: One of the best exercises to get your mid back to rotate as it should. Keep in mind, hunched shoulders can limit your mid back’s ability to rotate.

In conclusion, these exercises that un-hunch your shoulders are winners! Try them out for measure to improve your shoulder motions and overall posture! If you would like help with a personal exercise program for your hunched shoulders, then contact us here:

Un-hunch my shoulders!

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