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Fitness graveyard shift. I bet you’ve probably never read a blog like this one before right? Well, guess what, now you have!

So, you thought you could slide your way out of this one right?

Yep, you work from 12-8. No, not 12pm-8pm, but rather 12am-8am, the graveyard shift.

Guess what, fitness still applies to you too! Yes, you get no “easy” pass because you work a different schedule than most!

Here are my recommendations to make sure you still get your fitness in, despite your unusual work schedule:

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Exercise a few hours before your shift starts. This is a great way to make you get to work with tons of energy from your workout. I recommend simple exercises such as:

  1. Walking outside for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Gentle yoga moves.
  3. Swimming.
  4. Doing yard work for 20 minutes.
  5. Doing a circuit at your local gym or YMCA.


Drink a post workout meal replacement shake. You need calories, but, seeing how late it is in the night, liquid food might serve you better. You’ll get the same benefit as real food, but, with less calories. I recommend this shake, Life Energy Shake, for your post workout shake.

Also, keep healthy snacks with you to avoid the urge to buy junk, fast food. I recommend you keep the following foods near by:

  1. In season fruits
  2. Nuts (walnut, sunflower see and almonds)
  3. In season veggies
  4. Healthy beef jerky
  5. Hard-boiled eggs


Remain active at work. If your job requires you to sit a lot, then, get up and stand or move around.

Fidget, yep, doing will burn a great bit of calories.

Also, if you’re drinking lots of water, then, you will definitely have to take a lot of bathroom breaks. This gets you up and moving which means more calories burned and steps taken.


Fitness graveyard shift health is doable. It just takes some planning like most other things. If you follow these tips mentioned, you will be in good shape. If need my help, sign up here for a free consultation: HELP ME! 

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