Over Exercising: Real or Fake?


Over exercising is real, very dangerous and can even lead to death.

Believe it or not, there is a scientific word for it too. However, I doubt that you can guess its name.

What Is It?

Hypergymnasia is the scientific name. This word is given to athletes who use exercise to have control over their body.

However, you and I can have hypergymansia too if we use exercise to control our bodies.

Exercising too much seems like it would not be too bad right? After all, your body is always releasing the feel good hormones. Also, your heart is pumping and your lungs are getting a great workout.

However, it’s not that simple!

As a result of over exercising, you may have:

  1. Injuries
  2. Malnutrition
  3. Major complications with organs like the liver, heart and even the brain.


Signs of Over exercising

Here are a few signs that you might be over exercising:

  1. Are you obsessed with it?
  2. Don’t take days off, but, know that you should?
  3. Are you obsessing with the calories you eat?
  4. You are obsessed with your weight.
  5. Are you obsessed with fat and being skinny?
  6. You base your worthiness on physical performance.
  7. Do you put exercise above friends and family on a regular basis?


How Much Exercise Should You Do

The general rule of thumb for how much exercise you should do is:

  1. For cardio, 150 minutes each week.
  2. For weight training, two to three times each week for 30-45 minutes.
  3. You should also include stretching and core work too.

But, a lot of people (including myself) do a lot more than the rule of thumb exercise.

However, the difference for us is that exercise does not control us. Taking a day off from exercise during the week is no problem for me.

By averaging over the amount I’ve listed above,  not taking any days off and feeling like exercise is your way to control yourself, then you are experiencing over exercising.


How Do You Overcome Over Exercising?

There is not a lot of treatment for over exercising. However, the most popular way to treat over exercising is through exposure and response prevention.


In conclusion, exercising too much is very real. Exercise has many benefits, but, abusing it not one. If you think you might be over exercising, I suggest you seek treatment now.


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