Personal Trainer Myths DeBunked


Personal trainer myths debunked are my topic for today. As a personal trainer, I must admit there is some truth to most of the myths. However, not all personal trainers have been victims of the myths.

Here are three myths that will help you understand that personal training is a real career and deserves respect.


Myth #1: All Personal Trainers are Bodybuliders

The first of the three personal trainer myths debunked is all personal trainers are bodybuilders.

A lot of my colleagues are bodybuilders. Or, a lot of them have done at least one competition. But, there are a lot of us who are not bodybuilders. I have never competed in a competition before nor do I plan to.

However, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. There are lots of personal trainers who body build who are intelligent and reputable. They are great trainers!

When they work with you, they won’t train you like a bodybuilder. They will tailor your program to fit your goals just like I would.


Myth #2: All Personal Trainers Took a Weekend Course to Get Certified

The second of the three personal trainer myths debunked is all personal trainers took a weekend course to become certified.

Unfortunately, a lot of my colleagues have done this.

However, there are plenty of us that have bachelor’s & master’s degrees in a fitness related field. We have also taken several challenging certifications like NASM, NSCA, M.A.T. or RTS.

The personal training industry is not as regulated as the medical field, but, we are on our way. Our job is to provide safe and structured exercise in a great environment that gets results.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, please ask them what their educational background is.


Myth #3: All Personal Trainers Yell, Scream and Embarrass Into Results

The last of the three personal trainers myths debunked is all personal trainers are drill sergeants and embarrass you into results.

This one is pretty funny to me. I do know a lot drill sergeant personal trainers, but, I know more calm and collected ones like myself. Now, don’t mistake calm and collected for weakness, lol!

If you like the drill sergeant type of trainer then that’s great for you. However, if you don’t, just know that there are other training styles out there.

You have to find what’s right for you!


Personal trainer myths have been around for quite awhile. I hope I have been able to debunk a few of them for you.

All personal trainers are not:

  1. Body Builders
  2. Un or little educated
  3. Drill Sergeants

If you have not worked with a personal trainer because you’ve believed these three myths, then, let me help you. Schedule a free consultation with me today so we can work together in getting you in the best shape of your life!

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