Small Group Personal Training Benefits


Small group personal training is the future for personal training. In this blog, I will cover three awesome benefits of small group personal training.



I remember doing a lot of group projects in college. I learned in those groups because my group members pushed me to study. They also pushed me to finish our work.

This same rule applies to exercising in a group. It’s a proven fact that exercising in a group can be great for weight loss and overall fitness goals. The group will push each other and hold each other accountable during the training session. 

They will also do the same outside of the training session. This accountability goes a long in each person reaching their goals.



Small group personal training offers the same benefits as one to one personal training, but for a cheaper price. For example, a one to one personal training session in the Bethesda, MD or Palisades area of NW DC can cost anywhere b/w $125-$150 dollars. However, small group personal training can cost anywhere b/w $60-$100/session.

A lot of small group personal training programs offer individual workouts within a group. You still get the same level of personal attention, but you don’t pay as much!


Socially Fun

Who does not like to have fun?  Even better, who does not like to have fun in a group? I believe most people do! Small group personal training sessions can be so much more fun than one to one sessions!

They are more fun because you can compete against your group mates. You can do partner exercises that you can’t do by yourself. Lastly, you can encourage your group mates to complete an exercise. Let’s not forget friendly trash talking too, lol! I know I like trash talking!


Small group personal training is the future of personal training. It is the future of personal training because it allows for synergy. It is affordable. Lastly, it is fun. If you’re interested in learning about my small group personal training progams, then, please contact me today!

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