Three Best Exercises Squats


Three Best Exercises Squats is exercise number one of a mini series I’m doing on what I feel are the three best exercises for overall better movement and quality calorie burn.

If you’re like me, then you already squat during your day more than you care to think about, lol!

Whether it’s using the pooper, tying your shoes or picking something up, we squat.

In today’s blog, I’m going to cover three reasons why squats are three of the best exercises you can do!


Reason #1 for Three Best Exercises Squats

The first reason why squats are my number one of the best exercises we can do is because it’s so functional.

I already mentioned how much we squat in general throughout our day.  As a result, this makes the squat very functional.

When we squat, we’re building muscle and helping them work more efficiently too.

Squats also help us be more mobile and have better balance. All of these benefits translate into our bodies move better everyday.


Reason #2 for Three Best Exercises Squats

The second reason why squats are one of the best exercises we can do is they burn a lot of calories.

If you are doing barbell squats either in the front or back of your body, then, most likely you are going to gain some muscle. 

For every 1 lbs. of muscle you gain, your body will burn an extra 50-70 calories. How awesome is that?

Also, it does not take a whole lot to gain muscles from squatting. For example, if you squat 2-3x/week for 4 weeks and do 3 sets of 6-10 reps each time, you could gain 1-5 lbs. of muscle!


Reason #3 for Three Best Exercises Squats

The third reason why squats are one of the best exercises you can do is they work more than just your legs.

Trust me, I know all about this one!

In my current workout, I squat three times/week. As a result, not only do I feel my legs working, I feel my stomach and back muscles too.

I would say that if you did squats, push-ups and pull-ups, you could work every muscle in your body!


Three best exercises: squats are definitely one of my three best. They are one of the three best exercises because they are functional, burn a lot of calories and work more than one muscle.

If you would like help with learning how to squat or perfecting your squat, please contact us for help!

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